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KMK Update VI 

 All the best research and most important topics outlined in a concise textbook. Clinical based pearls for immediate use in Optometry practice. 

Contains unbiased clinical information because KMK Optometry does not accept sponsorship or donations

Features a robust pharmacology update.

Organizes and simplifies the Top 30 ocular conditions supported by clinical finds.


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NEW: InstaBook 

 InstaBook compiles the best of the best from KMK Optometry Pro® on Instagram ® and goes deeper into the diagnosis and clinical findings.  

Organized, concise pearls that can be quickly applied to patient care and Optometric practice. 

Features robust imagery, the largest ever in a KMK Optometry textbook, and new designed format. 

Quick Facts and clinical research all presented along side correlating imagery for faster review. 


KMK board certification digital

Optometry Board Certification Review 

 Organized, on-line course designed by practicing ODs and built to help you prepare for ABO board certification.  

Online video course paired with flashcards and textbook for review.

Sample standardized exams to help with preparation

Top Optometry boards certification course in the U.S.